Who Am I?

My name is Megan Reichelt.


I am a librarian and theater artist in the DC/MD/VA area. My research skills, thirst for knowledge, and ability to synthesize ideas inform my theater practice, and my storytelling ability, stage presence, and event planning acumen bolster my library career. 

While you can see my concrete skills and accomplishments on my resumes, I have many other strengths. 

  • I am a storyteller: I believe that stories can change the world, no matter what the medium. 


  • I am a connector: I see patterns across disciplines and cultures, and I build bridges between them. 


  • I am a mediator: I understand all sides of an argument, facilitate dialogue between individuals, and find compromise.


  • I am a resource conduit: I get you exactly what you are looking for, and more you never knew existed. 


  • I am a mentor: I listen. I guide. I find what is unique in individuals and give them tools to create change.

  • I am an adventurer: I love to seek out new enterprises, explore new ideas, and try new things.

  • I am a protector: I care for my community and fight for their needs.

  • I am a truth teller: I will always give you compassionate honesty. 

My mission is to give the right narrative to the right person at the right time to challenge their thinking, kindle their empathy, spark passion, and give them the tools to effect positive change in their community.

Want to work with me? Reach out!

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