Marianne and Al's 40th Anniversary (Secret) Adventure Fund

Al and Marianne Reichelt met at the Christmas party of a mutual friend. Marianne almost didn't go. It was cold and she was taking the bus. She peered at the addresses as she walked down the street. Al saw her from the window and knew she was special. From that moment on, our lives have been the richer for it. They have always been there for us. 

Now that they are retired, they are starting to nourish themselves (while still saving the world). They have been longing for  a trip to Europe to visit literary touchstones, sacred sites, and family homelands. However, funds have been a little short.

We wanted to find a way to express how much they mean to us, and what better way then to send them on an adventure! If you feel so inclined, please donate below to say thank you to Marianne and Al for everything they have done for us.  You can also write a note to them!

And shhhh! It is a secret! If you share it, please do not include them. We hope to give it to them on July 23rd at their (early) anniversary dinner. 

Thank you!

Megan and Brian

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