She Kills Monsters with Rorschach Theatre

Dramaturged both the 2014 and 2019 productions of She Kills Monsters, collecting 90s popular culture, fashion and LGBTQ history along with vintage 2nd Edition D&D lore, immersing the cast in the mindset of a group of nerds at the end of the 20th Century using a wiki site. 


Neverwhere with Rorschach Theatre

Dramaturged both the 2013 and 2017 productions of Neverwhere, collecting the history of the narrative in its variety of forms (mini-series, comic book, radio show, novel, play), the mystery and history of the world under London, the pop culture references and fantasy tropes that populate the magical world of the Underside in a wiki for the actors, director, and designers. 


Flying V Fights: Love is a Battlefield with Flying V

Dramaturged Flying V's first fight show in 2014 which explored love and violence in all its forms, from domestic abuse to self harm to gay MMA fighters to comedic relationship dynamics. The research was wide-ranging and explored different fighting cultures like Lucha Libre wrestling, different cultures of love like BDSM, and the psychology of healthy and unhealthy relationships.