​"Megan Reichelt gives an impressively athletic performance as Charles the Wrestler – although dwarfed by Peter and his broad shoulders, she is more than a match (kudos as well to Casey Kaleba’s fight choreography) – and as a lucid, wistful Jacques; she nails the iconic Seven Ages Of Man speech."
DC Theatre Scene

"Reichelt is delightfully terrifying in her wrestling scene with Peter's Orlando."

Broadway World

As You Like It

Sheila and Moby

​"Tim German as Jason and Megan Reichelt as Quinn bring human neurosis to parenting in a way that’s entirely convincing even (perhaps especially) when it’s unflattering."

DC Metro Theatre Arts


​"Megan Reichelt brings a noble focus to her turn as the formidable bodyguard, Hunter. At times, Reichelt even brings a sense of gravity."

The Washington Post

"...some exceptionally strong women ... especially with actors of the caliber of Sarah Taurchini and Megan Reichelt."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Megan Reichelt flexes her actor-combatant muscles ... as Hunter."

- DC Theatre Scene

Brother Mario

​"Reichelt's portrayal is particularly starry-eyed and heroic." - BroadwayWorld

"Reichelt as Rosalina has a wondrous airy-fairy quality of enchantment with life’s simple pleasures."

-MD Theatre Guide 

"Reichelt’s Rosalina takes a seemingly preposterous storyline (straight from the game) and makes it a heartfelt thread filled with cruel irony."

- DC Theatre Scene


​"Megan Reichelt plays Millie Burke, Walter’s estranged and mute wife, a difficult role that Reichelt performs with graceful ease. In one of her many compelling scenes, she confronts her husband and fills the stage with the magnitude of her presence and the wealth of her pain." -  MD Theatre Guide



​"A modern Red Riding Hood (Megan Reichelt) in a hoodie demolishes attackers in the woods while channeling Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

The Washington Post


"Megan Reichelt beams (the pun is hard to escape) as Only."

The Washington Post


"There is a talking lamp, though. And that chipper, steadfast servant to the Beast, played with adorable pluck and steely resolve by Megan Reichelt, is at the heart of Rorschach’s intimate production."

-The Washingtonian

"And as that poor lamp, to whom Aiofe gives the plucked-from-a-dictionary name Only, Megan Reichelt delivers a subtly shaded performance (sorry!) that lets us see the longing beneath her incandescent exterior (sorry!)."

-Washington City Paper

"Only’s struggles play across Reichelt’s face in a way that is both touchingly subtle and over-the-top hilarious." - Maryland Theatre Guide

"Yet the most radiant (pun intended) performance comes from Megan Reichelt as the enchanted lamp.  Her character turns out to be the most pivotal one in the play and she balances happy moments (such as her love of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame) with her more serious devotion to the Beast, best summed up by a memorably heartfelt cry of 'He needs me!'"

- DC Theatre Scene

The Pirate Laureate of Port Town

​"Opal (Megan Reichelt) is in overalls, boots, and aviator goggles and in her second act role as Aurora she is almost unrecognizable in a black, lace corset...[She] brought a vulnerability and heart to both of her characters as the pirate with a secret crush and the rival playwright."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts

A Cre@tion Story for Naomi

"The fact that it’s about as big as a bedroom in there suits this little slumber party of a play quite nicely, because even as Naomi (Megan Reichelt, irreverent and charming) travels in her mind to the beginning of time and the farthest cold corners of the cosmos, the play never loses the warmth of the soft blanket in her lap."

 DC Theatre Scene

Living Dead in Denmark

"​Megan Reichelt's amusingly aggressive Juliet..."

- The Washington Post

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